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The Sarah Connor Charm School
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To celebrate Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor who empowered so many women!
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Shortly after blowing up Cyberdyne and preventing, or delaying, Judgment day, Sarah Connor and her son John returned to an undisclosed location in South America to avoid capture by the US Federal agents after them and to continue to prepare in case they hadn't stopped it totally. They worked with a small group of survivalists, who they knew would be the core of the Resistance if things did go that way.

Despite their success at avoiding authorities, their story did get out among those who knew that without vigilance, the future could bring only evil. Eventually a woman found them, seeing that most of the group was male other than wives and daughters (who are as tough and prepared, but still auxiliary) talked Sarah into starting the The Sarah Connor Charm School, to use her Waitress-to-Warrior story to empower other women to become fighters too. While many such women have joined the group in South America, there are those who are keeping camps going in various secret locations throughout the Americas, and now beyond.

The women who do and have trained with the Sarah Connor Charm School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have previously been athletic, even warriors, others never imagined themselves to be. Some have even come from traumatic backgrounds, others had been victims to their own addictions, some just once thought that the world was a much safer place than it turned out to be, some lived lives of luxury and found it meaningless. Those already aware of their strength found a new purpose for it, those who never had any idea how strong they really were found that strength as well.

Okay, the Sarah Connor Charm School could be described as a sort of physical feminist art project. Initially, shortly after the film Terminator 2 it was to simply be an ad in a Pagan parody 'zine which never happened. The idea never completely died when the publication idea did, however, and over the years in evolved. In the past few years the idea was to do a website....which we're obviously finally getting around to. It features photos and stories of women inspired by Sarah connor, many are very much the real story of the women in the photos with a touch of invention to fit into Sarah's world.

The project had gotten back-burnered repeatedly. It's fun, but not a priority with other things going on for those involved. So, yes, since word came down about That TV Show some have been a bit more inspired to do something here.

Sarah Connor has been an inspiration for many women, some of us NOT the victim type to begin with but we know some whose lives the character has transformed, to become stronger, fitter and more prepared. She has been a role model for many in both her physique and her survivalist savvy. Played by Linda Hamilton she evolved at the end of the first Terminator movie from just another Final Girl to a Warrior when it was clear she made the choice not only to survive but to transform herself into someone who could train another to fight. In the second movie, the results of that transformation were clear. Actress Linda Hamilton had trained hard both to build the muscle that a woman like her character would have worked for and to effectively portray fighting and weapon handling, just Hamilton's dedication is inspiring.

Over these past years she still remains our ultimate role model both those of us primarily interested in the physical feminist part and those of us who are, in fact, survivalists. We continue to strive to make sure no one forgets that Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor is the REAL Sarah Connor. And to continue to promote physical feminism and survivalism in our icon's name.

For awhile after the movie came out, we saw fit women become showcased in the media far more than ever. It was a wonderful trend. We rage against the current message that emaciation is in. We rage against the pro-anorexia message just as much as we do against the pro-anorexia "support" groups that have flooded the internet.

We continue to strive to get the message across that women can be strong, powerful, capable and beautiful...that we are fighters and we will not be turned into frail tiny dolls!

Strength is beautiful!