The real Sarah Connor is back

Yes, I know about a month ago I posted that I was probably not going to be posting here any longer as no one seems to be here. But then this past Tuesday the 19th, after no mention being made since Cameron announced he was back to save the franchise, he finally announced that Linda Hamilton is, indeed, returning as Sarah Connor. Possibly only to "pass the torch." I have been posting links on our FB page, which also goes to our Twitter, and a bit on our Tumblr. And today I did up my first blog post about my concerns regarding the men-only writer's room, which includes Josh Friedman of all people! The man who committed That TV Show that made a mockery of Sarah Connor! Which caused me to finally take a long running joke and put this LJ up. And I got fucking nostalgic I gues.

Think about it this had been the news we got 7 years ago, that Linda was coming back as Sarah, that Linda was in training for the new movie. We'd have been going nuts here.

Most of us aren't even here. Some have just lost interest after That TV Show and so many really bad, Sarahless/Lindaless sequels. Some of us are just focused on other things going on and maybe rather burnede out over all (although some of us are also finding stuff like this to be self-care diversions but also just don't have the energy left). And FB, Twitter and Tumblr all really fucking suck for the sorts of conversations we used to have here on LJ. And maybe a lot of us just don't know how to get into that anymore.

So....yeah....stopping by. Feeling like maybe the timing of this thing sucks. 
Gleann, Grainne

Mic tesst - is this thing on?

I’ve not been doing the Honorary Degree thing for a few months as life got to be a bit much, both personally and, well, with the world.   I also took down the website to revamp it, but it is back up now…not all of it has been updated, some pages are still not back up and likely there are internal links that are not yet working still.  Blog is “within” the site now, too.

I have continued to post killer robot posts on our Facebook page, along with posts about Terminator 2 3D and such. I haven’t been on LJ for a long time, I'm wondering if there is anyone following this who is really interested and not on FB or Twitter. Those may bet he only social media accounts which I keep active for the SCCS, as when I am back to doing these regular postings I need to do it more quickly than I have been.....the FB actually fowards to the Twitter. I am also debating keeping the Tumblr, as it does seem more active than this does but it totally screws up my internet connection.

So, yes, I am thinking that you all already know that Terminator 2: Judgment Day is being released in 3D for a few days (in the US, in some countries it is for a ONE day, in others it’s only home Blue Ray, which it seems the US is not getting, release) this coming week. In the US it’s only at AMC theaters, which means a trip for us up here in the sticks, but we have our tickets and popcorn order and a pet/farm sitter.

This appears to be the only chance to see Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in 3D, as current talk about Terminator 6 which does have James Cameron involved is all “reboot” and new characters. No closing the loop, no William Wisher script bringing back Linda as Sarah Connor. Just Arnold “passing on the torch” or whatever.

The only other link I’m going to pass on today, given current events and all, is a break from our SCCS tradition of not posting about Arnold unless it includes Sarah.  You can find out about his Terminate Hate T-Shirts to benefit the Museum of Tolerance here.

So if someone really wants me to keep posting here, please let me know....otherwise, please find us at Facebook

(Thanks to The Terminator Fans for all the linkage and the poster up top)

Gleann, Grainne

Last ditch effort to save another First Line Defender

I haven't been good about posting here and there doesn't seem to be anyone actually following this.  However, I'm making one last ditch effort to find a way to get our hound Gráinne chemo before it's too late. Not sure how to swing it, as we need funds transfered and this week really is it...she should have started already.

Gráinne has chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but she also has cutaneous lymphoma which is much more aggressive. She needs a form of chemotherapy called CCNU....and she need to start already!  We need to get her in on Thursday for her first dose! Which means we need the money tonight to get it in!  Right now, due to the costs of diagnosing her, we need to get our fundraiser up to at least $1,300 just for the first dose!

I also have a blog post here

Another Terminator Spotter in Need!

Please help if you can! Please share!

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Gleann, Grainne

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