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Linda hamilton Interview

An interview regarding Linda's TV pilot, see the extended version linked in the blog post for the commentary that she is "ripped" and mention of her iconic chin-ups! <3

Also great commentary by TheTerminatorFans regarding Linda Hamilton hoped for return in a much needed "requel“.... it's time for a proper T2 Sequel!

The auction for my dog Gleann's surgery is in it's last, two, or really day and a half, as is the fundraisre! He has to have the surgery on Friday, Oct. 21 and we need things transfered to pay!

There has been more added to the auction package!

Along with the Sarah Connor items I have:

A photo Linda Hamilton signed at Chicago ComicCon in 2010

The three variants of the McFarlane Sarah Connor Action figures NIB

There is now, acquired by TheTerminatorFans.com for this cause:

A different photo of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor signed by co-writer of the first two movies (and the guy who would have brought Linda back into the franchise if they went with his T5 instead of Genysis!) William Wisher!

And a pair of Gargoyle Classics, like the ones the Terminator wore in the first movie, signed by producer Gale Anne Hurd!

Please check it out and SHARE and bid if you are so inclined.

Please also go to our fundraiser for Gleann's surgery! Any amount will help us towards saving him!  And, also, please SHARE!!!!!

First Line of Defense Hero in Need!

I noted a few days ago that Sarah Connor Charm School tank and T-shirt sales would be going help fund my dog's http://www.theterminatorfans.com/sarah-connor-terminator-2-charitable-auction-increases-the-rewards/estimated $3,500 surgery and that I'd probably have some Sarah Connor items on eBay. The first is still true, but the said items are being auctioned privately for me by the awesome administrator of TheTerminatorFans.com is running an auction for Gleann of a photo I got signed by Linda Hamilton at the 2010 Chicago ComicCon and a set of all three variants McFarlane Sarah Connor action figures, NIB.   Please go to the auction and bid if you want to try to get this package and share far and wide!
This is what is going on....In February I lost one of my First Line of Defense Heroes, Sachairi, to old age and liver disease.   It was heartbreaking.  Then we got hit with both of our other Terminator Spotters getting terrifying diagnosis the next month at their "routine" vet visit.

Gráinne, our Greyhound has leukemia.  That was the one that sounded most horrifying.  Gleann's calcium was high....how dire that was took awhile for us to comprehend.  While her white blood count and lack of symptoms means that we just need to get regular blood testing and will someday face chemo, right now Gráinne's condition is stable.

However, Gleann's calcium levels are rising and over the summer we finally got the funds to find out that it is primary hyperparathyroidism caused by a nodule in one of his parathyroid glands. We need to get this removed as soon as possible, we're already running way behind because of how long this took to get a diagnosis!

And please go to and share our fundraiser link! And donate if you can. I have perks available and am looking for more.  There may even be more Terminator related items on there as well.  There are only a couple more days left from where we'd hoped to have the surgery scheduled, but it appears we may have to extend it. BUT we don't know how long he has, before damage might be done! So please! Share and donate and bid if you can!

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Sarah Connor Charm School shirts

Just posting to remind you all that any products sold right now will go to getting my dog life saving surgery.

I may shortly have a couple of eBay listings for Linda/Sarah items that I'll be posting. I cannot, at this point, say when I'll get back to doing regular posts here.  Kind of focused on my dogs right now and trying to raise money for them.  ~Saigh

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